The reputation of the coaching school

Have you collected information about the reputation of the training organization? A reputation (for better or worse) is long to install and long to modify. In professional circles (coaching, trainers, HR function), it is easy to learn about the quality of coaching schools. What is above all, the reputation of a coaching school is the professionalism of its trainers, more than the size of the structure, the design of its brochure, or the promotional efforts in the press or internet. And if trainers are seen as competent, word of mouth will quickly make it known within the coaching community. The coaching school will not have to deploy important promotional efforts to make itself chinese tutor Singapore  known and to ensure its recruitment.

Financial results

Have you had an eye or two on the financial health of the company? It should be checked whether the company is transparent and complies with the law by publishing its financial statements. It is also important to ensure the sustainability of the training organization that will issue a certification. If not, what value should be given to a certification issued by a training organization that has not existed for a long time? It seems legitimate to verify that the structure  chinese tutor Singapore  in which you will invest time and money is in good health. On the face of it, sustainable financial health reflects the satisfaction of both customers and employees.

The skills to be acquired in the coaching training system

Training in the coaching profession consists first and foremost in training in the specific skills of coaching, i.e., skills that distinguish coaching from all other approaches in the field of personal development or therapy. Effectiveness of a training device, it seems useful to know which are the large families of skills that the coach needs to work in a professional manner. Then check if these skills are well within the training that constitutes the coaching training device. The skills are related to different intervention frameworks.